Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Highlighted Feature : Item Suggestion

Some of you might have noticed the existance of this feature while some of you haven’t. It is such a simple thing, yet somehow useful. One thing for sure, you’ll love it; and here’s the reason why. 

Let’s assume that you’re coming from city A, you know a lot about famous merchandise, food, or artwork from your city, and others who doesn’t live in city A might know nothing about it. That’s the first case. Second case, you know something really good from a city you visited several months ago, but you can’t get other bistiper to help you because they have no idea what kind of item you’re talking about. Third case, you can get an item A everywhere, but you can get the cheapest/best one from a particular place, and you know it, and you want to let others to know about it. The item suggestion feature is now available to help you promote things you know, help bistipers to find it, or at least, let others know about it. Not only you can share your experience, you can also get bistip points by suggesting an item from a place you’ve been (or at least, you’ve heard)

Item suggestion is definitely a feature for those who likes travelling, but have no idea what’s the “must find” thing of the place he/she’s going to visit. It is also a feature for item seekers to help them find the item that they are looking for without having to worry about explaining the details of the item to the traveller.

It is helpful, useful and beneficial for bistipers, and that’s why we’ve implemented such feature to make Bistip more convenient to our user. 

Wait no more! login to your bistip account and start writing some suggestion for others, yours might get chosen, and you’ll get 5 bistip points for it. Looking for an item you forgot its name or the place where you can find one? Use our simple yet powerful item search feature. You’ll find how easy it is for you to get something you’ve been craving for.

Easy, simple, yet beneficial. That’s what we’ve always been doing here at :)

Item Suggestion Page :

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